What is keto?

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The Ketogenic diet or Keto is essentially a way of eating that reduces the number of carbohydrates consumed and depletes the body of glycogen (the stored form of carbohydrates). Which then forces it to use an alternative source as fuel.

When we moderate the number of carbohydrates we eat we can to learn to burn fat through a process called ketosis.  Fat is transformed into ketone bodies in the liver, primarily a ketone called beta-hydroxybutyric acid (BHB) that each cell in the body can use as a source of energy.  

The name keto comes from this process of ketosis and the ketone bodies it creates that fuel the body.  

Our goal in this program is not to give you a daily meal plan or create a structured environment where you lose weight, but to teach you how and why you should eat a certain way to promote a healthy body and allow your body to lose weight as it gets healthier.  There are numerous benefits to being in ketosis, weight loss, although our ultimate goal, just happens to be a beneficial side effect of being in ketosis.

Take some time and look at the acceptable food list and foods to avoid list provided in this packet.  Some of the things that are acceptable and to be avoided might shock you, however, there are reasons this list has been created. 

This is a great place to jump into the online videos.

Please watch the Keto Intro videos 1 and 2 and answer the following questions:

What is ketosis?

What are macros?

What is the typical macro breakdown?

What is the role of insulin within the body?

How does insulin prevent weight loss?

What is insulin resistance?

What are some of the side effects of insulin resistance?

Why is weight loss a side effect of improving health?

What is the primary goal of ketosis?

What fuel source is the body able to use instead of sugar?

What is BHB and what does the body do with it?

What are some benefits of using ketones as fuel?

How does weight loss occur in ketosis?