Absolutely life changing for me. The Specific PT they design for me. Started working, Within just a few short weeks. I went from a pain level eight to a one. Now almost no pain at all. I haven’t felt this great since I was in my 20’s. All the doctors and physical therapists are amazing. The staff at front desk is also well informed and efficient. Just LOVE this place!

My neck was in total spastic mode. I needed help and relief NOW and that’s just what I got. The girls at the front got me in right away and Dr. Bennett had hands of a master. I drive for a living and not having any moving range with my neck made it unsafe for me to drive. Thank you Dr Bennett for un-spazing my neck! Love this place!


I came into Bridge with chronic and severe Vertigo and with their help 10 weeks later I’ve had zero episodes and am feeling stronger and better everyday! Healing your body in the right way and the forever way. The staff are so helpful, respectful, and caring that they make you feel as if you are part of a family.I’d recommend Bridge Integrative Medicine for anyone who has pain, discomfort or just wants to learn how to better care for yourself!


Bridge has helped me tremendously! From the amazing staff to the doctors that actually care. I am so thankful I had found them to help me at a time when I needed it most. Having physical therapy, chiropractic care, and trigger point injections in one location is a brilliant idea! Within an hour or so you go through 3 important steps to better your health. I absolutely refuse to take pain pills, I don’t like the way they make you feel. This has been an amazing alternative! I can’t thank Derick, Michael, Lisa, Dr. Jake, & Dr. Wiley enough for the amazing care. You all are absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for everything you’ve done, it’s been life changing.


I’m 25 with a herniated cervical disc, common injury at not a so common age. I work construction everyday, and golf nearly every weekend. That was all put to a halt. My pain was excruciating and had me very limited. Dr. Bennett told me about this type of injury and how to manage it at home until he was able to fix me up. Surprisingly not even 2 weeks later I’m almost back to normal lifestyle. Everyone has different bodies, and different stories to go with them. Great job Bridge Integrative, and thank you Dr. Bennett.


Dr Jake is the best! He fixed my knee pain by adjusting my hip. Who knew!My tennis elbow from playing Pickleball is still sore but the sonogram sound and pressure point work is starting to work. I love how convenient the location is and the staff is friendly and efficient. My senior friend Carole loves it too. After her first visit she exclaimed, “My body is singing and dancing! I haven’t felt this good in years.”


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