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Hope for Coronavirus in North Kansas City

Medical Clinic in Gladstone, MO now testing for COVID-19.

Where can I get tested for coronavirus or COVID-19 in Kansas City, Missouri

KANSAS CITY, MO, May 14 – On April 28th, 2020, Bridge Integrative Medicine began testing for Covid-19 antibodies at their office in Gladstone, MO. Their integrative team of Nurse Practitioners and Providers will offer this service for $97 while supplies last. This is not the nasal swab test that shows active viral antigen and RNA. This test helps answer the question, “Have I already had COVID 19?” The results of the test show the blood’s reaction to Covid-19 and whether a person’s blood has a short term or long term memory of exposure to Covid-19. The service will come with guidance for each result, wellness advice and safety measures necessary to help Kansas City get back to work safely.

Bridge Integrative Medicine is an integrative medical clinic in Gladstone, MO. Call their office at 816-454-5433 to speak to a provider.


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