1. On your browser or mobile device go to

  2. Go to “sign up” in the upper right corner

  3. Complete the about yourself section and continue to “sign up”

  4. Ignore the suggested fitness and nutrition goals.  We’ll set that up together.

  5. Once account is created in the upper right corner go to Premium and click Upgrade to Premium.

  6. Here you can choose either a $9.99 a month plan or a $49.99 yearly plan.  I suggest the year long plan.  

    1. We are going to need several things the premium plan provides that the basic plan does not.  The premium plan allows me to view your food logs as well as lets us set up the specific goals we have set in place.  The basic plan will not allow us to do those things.

  7. Once done go to “Community” and then “Find Members”.  Search for DrChrisDC and add me as a friend.

  8. Then go into “setting” “diary settings”, scroll down to diary and go to diary sharing.  Check the locked with a key and enter the password as brintmed. (There is also a video walking you through how to set this up on an iPhone)

  9. On your next visit we will get all the important details set up.  I encourage you to start tracking immediately and make this a habit.  

  10. If it goes in your mouth it goes in myfitnesspal!