What are the SYMPTOMS?

Moderate to severe headaches that usually involve one side.  The symptoms may be preceded by an aura which is usually a visual disturbance.  Nausea, light sensitivity and occasionally vomiting may occur.

Who is at risk?

This is a common condition, with 12% of the population affected.  For the longest time, it was thought to be a functional disorder involving the vasculature around the brain, but recent evidence has discovered that there may be genetics involved.  Stress and anxiety, lack of sleep, hormonal disturbances, certain food and drink allergic reactions could all be contributing factors.


What are the treatments?

There are medicines to stop a migraine, such as OTC anti-inflammatories, and triptans (serotonin receptor agonists).  There are also some that may prevent a migraine, such as antidepressants, anticonvulsants, or neurotoxins. All of these, may have undesirable side effects.  Your medical team at Bridge Integrative Medicine, will recommend natural and, if needed, medicinal approaches to relieve migraines. In addition, we will address functional conditions that correspond with migraines through exercise, stress reduction, chiropractic treatment and trigger point injections when specific muscles are involved.