Functional Rehabilitation


What Is It?

Functional Rehab at Bridge Integrative Medicine begins with a comprehensive Functional Evaluation to assess how you move and gives your clinician valuable clues into not only why you hurt now, but the root causes that have lead to your chronic or repetitive injury. This evaluation includes a postural analysis, balance assessment, gait analysis, identifying muscle imbalances and trigger points and more. Once you’ve had your Functional Evaluation our Healthcare Team will design a graduated and customized plan to retrain your body how to move to allow your body to heal properly and avoid future injury.

The overall goal of functional rehabilitation is to train the patient using three-dimensional movements (as opposed to training one isolated muscle) to prepare the whole body to return to pain-free daily activities or sports. This differs from therapies used to address the patient’s symptoms using such modalities as heat, ice, and medication while mainly strengthening the isolated injured muscle.



What Can Functional Rehab Help Treat?

Functional rehab should play a crucial role in any comprehensive musculoskeletal (muscle and joint) treatment plan. This includes any spine (headaches, neck pain or back pain) or extremity (from the shoulder to the wrist and from the hip to the knee to the foot) complaint.  


How Do I Know if I'm a Candidate?

In general we tell our patients, “If it hurts to move, then you likely have a movement problem. And there isn’t a drug in the world that can fix a movement problem”. At Bridge we’ve designed our Functional Rehab department to help you move better.