What are the SYMPTOMS?

Widespread aches and pains with localized pain involving multiple sites across the neck and shoulders, hips, knees and elbows, fatigue, poor sleep, brain-fog (altered memory and mood).  Symptoms may vary day to day. This can lead to pain avoidance, and since pain is aggravated by stress or physical activity, sufferers of FM may find themselves withdrawing from life.


Who is at risk?

It is very common, affecting 10 million in the US.  There is an 8:2 ratio, females to males.


What are the treatments?

Since this is a widespread pain syndrome, everything from OTC pain relievers to opioids have been prescribed with little effect. At Bridge Integrative Medicine we will take a collaborative, multi-disciplinary, multi-modal approach.  We recognize that our FM patients will have different tolerances each day that we see them, and will temper our program accordingly. Treatment may include natural or medicinal pain management, trigger point and PRP injections, patient specific rehab, chiropractic treatment, and lifestyle coaching.