Strengthen Your body with BridgeFit

Bridgefit is our strength and conditioning classes offered here at Bridge Integrative Medicine. Using your body’s own weight, we focus on strengthening your core using methods including pilates, calisthenics, and cardio. All fitness levels are welcomed!

Frequently Asked Questions

This is built for anyone. This could be built for someone who’s gone through our program, anyone who has graduated, or who is looking for the next step – What do I do from here? This could be someone who wants a basis of learning how to move properly and turn that into more of a functional fitness environment. This could be for anyone who’s trying to improve strength and improve their quality of life.

Think of BridgeFit as a mash-up. The first part is focused on core conditioning and strength, it’s a little bit cardio and in a circuit style. The second half is focused on core strengthening and flexibility using a pilates style.

Your core is your central focus. If that’s nice and strong, hopefully you will stand up taller, be stronger, and it will help as we strengthen your core and condition your muscles. So they all  overlap and work off of each other.

We’re not lifting heavy weights in here. BridgeFit is going to mostly be bodyweight and calisthenic type of movements. We’re going to give you some tools that you can incorporate into your everyday life

We currently meet 2x per week, you are able to pay for classes online.

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